About Us

We will discuss: beauty, make up, fashion, cooking recipes, life in New York etc.

I started by blog on the first day of 2010. It was like a new chapter in my life story and at that time it was sad. I had a kind of crisis in my life, when I graduated from college and was looking for something new. I shared my personal thoughts and somehow it turned into the job of my life, or at least, a part of it. It is like a sweet diary, which I can read and reread and recover in my mind the most precious moments in my life. I laugh and cry, love and hate, buy new luxurious clothes and visit new places – these events in my life, big and small, are described here and discussed with you, my favorite readers.1667858

I share my thoughts with you, sometimes they are clear and reasonable, and sometimes it is a kind of ravings – in any case, I want to be open and natural with you, even if I do some mistakes or need your advice.

About Brenda

Let me introduce myself! I am Brenda Crawford. My friends call me Bren, Bren C, or simply BC. I am twenty or so and I am from Pennsylvania. Like heroines of the immortal series “Sex and the City”, I came to New York to find love and happiness, or at least, new brand shoes (joking). I like long meetings with my friends, holiday dinners, when the table is covered with a new lace cloth and all those tasty things stand there. And you forget about dieting for a short time and enjoy the tastiest dishes. I am fond of fitness as it keeps my body strong and my mind clear. I hate, when someone takes me too seriously, because I am just a young girl and I am looking for answers myself. I like fashion, parties, adventures and many other things that make the girl’s life interesting. Of course, I dream about love. I hope to find it one day. My hobbies are music, romantic movies and cooking. I like accessories and have my own line of jewelry.


I write my personal thoughts on various events and public products. If I write about restaurants or beauty products, these reviews are just my personal opinion, nothing more.

If I endorse any brand, I would write about it in my blog. I promise to be honest with you and write just about the products and places I have tried or visited myself. I will be honest with you! I won’t advise you anything, if I am not sure, whether this product is worth it or not.

I will share my knowledge and I’d like to hear your opinion as well. Let’s start!